Data Integration

Data Integration

TNE Software follows best-in-class practices and processes for data integration solutions. We have highly-skilled consultants with rich experience in the areas of ETL, Integration, Data Quality, Data Profiling, Data Warehouse, Reporting, Data Analysis and Data Governance.

  • data warehouse

    Simple schematic for a data warehouse. The ETL process extracts information from the source databases.

  • virtual database

    The virtual database interfaces with the source databases via wrapper code if required.

  • Data Integration tools

    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),DataWatch,Alteryx,Analytics Canvas,Oracle Data Integration Services,Azure Data Factory,RapidMiner Studio,Informatica Platform, etc,

  • Data integration

    Large-scale questions in science, such as global warming, invasive species spread, and resource depletion, are increasingly requiring the collection of disparate data sets for meta-analysis.

Data Integration