Web Application Security

Web Application Security

Web application security, is a branch of Information Security that deals specifically with security of websites, web applications and web services. At a high level, Web application security draws on the principles of application security but applies them specifically to Internet and Web systems..

  • Security threats

    The majority of web application attacks occur through cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks which typically result from flawed coding, and failure to sanitize input to and output from the application.

  • Best Practices Recommendation

    Secure web application development should be enhanced by applying security checkpoints and techniques at early stages of development as well as throughout the software development lifecycle.

  • Security standards

    OWASP is the emerging standards body for Web application security. In particular they have published the OWASP which describes in detail the major threats against web applications.

  • Complete Security

    Threat Blocking and protection,Daily Malware scan,Network Scan, Auto Malware Removal,Daily FTP Scaning,File Change Monitoring,SQL Injection Scan,Scrippting Scan.

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